Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well, That Didn’t Take Long

So, I was Facebook-Stalking R 2.0 today -- what else am I suppose to do, work on my novel? Oh, right, I am suppose to be working on my novel. I promise to get right back to that once I tell you this.

I found him, it was quite easy as his real name is not John Smith and his profile was public (it is almost as if he is begging girls to stalk him). First thing’s first -- I checked his info page, where, what to my wondering eyes did appear but a relationship status Married to Some Skanky Girl. I’m kidding. I’m sure she is lovely.

My point? My crush is over just as soon as it began. Oh well, at least I got a good run and two days of pretty out of it.



MsAng said...

So stalking really does pay off?

Ouizee said...

I need to tell you a secret: it's ok. It's ok to have a crush on a married man. Look at how much fun the crush was. Enjoy that until you can find a replacement. Wonder about all his bits and imagine all the perfect possibilities. Just never follow through.
I'm married, and I have lots of crushes. I imagine what this one or that one would be like and I marvel at all those boy things that are just so ginchy. I never have to deal with him balancing the checkbook or leaving his socks balled up under the bed. And at night I go home to my husband, who I love, and I remember all his ginchy things, once I get past the checkbook and the balled up socks.
I hope my husband does the same, and then he comes home and thinks I am ginchy...
And, consider: your crush is harmless. He isn't doing anything wrong and neither are you. You're just passing the time.

neighbourhood.gal said...

Crushes are lovely. I do remember them.