Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I typically get to Starbucks early in the morning, desperate for a venti soy chai latte to wake myself up -- yes I know they are approximately 1000 calories a piece, but what do you want me to do, I love them.

However, yesterday, I managed to get up early and run with one of my mommy friends, so I didn’t need tea to wake me up.

Plus thanks to the Duchess’s birthday bash on Saturday night, I was just a bit too hung over on Sunday to do much of anything that involved me getting off my couch. So once I got back from my run I had to write the Steve Harvey blog before I could run to Starbucks to post it.

But it would seem forces greater than my determination to run or a Saturday night filled with beer and karaoke were at work here. Because when I walked in, standing behind the counter, waiting to take my order was not my regular barista, but a scruffy Zac Efron look-alike, though cuter because he wasn’t quite so girlie looking. He was tall, with blue eyes and floppy hair and my mouth dropped open for a moment as I wondered why the hell I didn’t take the time to apply make-up before I ran out of the house. At least eyebrows and mascara.

Thank god, my hair looked good.

I carefully placed my order, making sure I said all the words right and didn’t let anything like, “you are yummy delicious” slip out. Still, I was so flummoxed I forgot to ask for my latte in an environmentally friendly mug so he probably thinks I don’t care about the planet.

Now, you know I have a very strict policy about dating co-workers, and while I don’t work for Starbucks, I do work at the Starbucks, so I will not be throwing myself at this boy (as I would be shocked if this guy was 22 years old). It isn’t like they serve alcoholic beverages and I could blame it on being over-served when I walk in there the day after he rejected me (the way I do whenever a bartender has spurned my advances). I would never be able to visit that Starbucks again. And it is so close to my apartment, not to mention the free WiFi.

Still, I will be adjusting my schedule accordingly. You know how much I appreciate eye candy in the office.


Amanda in Austin said...

I'm new to your blog. I found my way here via TLo.

Today, you made me laugh out loud with your story about the cute boy at Starbucks. I love it.

Anonymous said...

hysterical!!! I believe I've been in your presence when you've let "your yummy delicious" fly out of your mouth.

Anonymous said...

oh, that last anonymous is me, Bridie. Don't know how to use my name in my comments???

Anonymous said...

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And it is just as easy to work around good looking people as it is to work around icky people.

Ouizee said...

You can do like I do: turn red, giggle and gape every time you go in. No one can resist a suave bolla like that.
So... which Starbucks did you say that was?

Anonymous said...

I bet it's the Starbucks at 20th and Market. If not there is a also a hottie that fits that description.

Tatiana said...

He was at the Starbucks at Broad and Jackson, but maybe he was just on-loan from 20th and Market as I haven't seen him since.

Tina Marina said...

Though I hatehatehate Zacky E. with a passion, I wish there was a halfway decent looking barista within twenty miles of here.

Every time I get all suave and am able to make eye contact while spouting those ridiculous titles (Starbucks coffee has the equivalent of celebrity baby names), I wish I had dreamy eyes to stare into. Jealous.