Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unemployment Diaries -- Red Rum, Red Rum

One thing that really sucks about being self-employed (doesn’t that just sound better than unemployed) is not seeing anyone all day, everyday. I can totally now see why Jack Nicholas’ character in The Shining lost it.

That much alone time is maddening.

Maybe this is why I have been running as much as I have recently.

I always loved to run. But before the termination of my position, I found a number of excuses not to. Most often it was not wanting to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to get a run in before work. I am also a bit of a sweater, so running during my lunch hour was not an option. After work I was always so tired. But now, I really have no excuses.

Also running isn’t really not working for me. Most of the time I spend running I am coming up with dialog or drafting a blog entry in my head. Running also has the advantage of being wicked cheap. I already own the shoes and the clothes. Another great ancillary benefit of this new habit is that it is slimming me down. Which is important as pool season is almost upon us and I totally intend on doing a lot of writing pool side this summer.

What? I need to get out of the house. Plus the sun is good for me -- it provides me with Vitamin D, which helps my bones absorb calcium.

Of course, like Jack in The Shining, I have also picked up a nasty habit to fill the void during my days. No, I haven’t been repetitively typing, “All work and no play makes Tati a dull girl.” It is not quite that unproductive, but possibly as destructive. I have been texting with the Republican.

I know, I know, and even if I don’t know, believe me you aren’t going to say anything Marie and Bridie and Theresa haven’t already said. I just miss witty banter. A lot. And while the Republican isn’t many things, he is witty. And he makes me laugh.

Plus I am getting a lot better at not doing it all day, but only for only a couple of minutes at the beginning or end of my day.

And I will stop eventually. Soon. I promise.


Tina Marina said...

Ooh, by swimsuit season, there'll be loads of liberal boys lined up down the block begging to recharge your laptop batteries or serve you umbrella drinks, and the Repulican will be strictly for witty comments only.

Though you don't have to worry about a lack of snark, if you ask me...

P.S.: What the hell is up with the word verification? My word is "deftsake". What on earth is a deftsake, and are they sold at T. J. Maxx?

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible feeling I'm going to get yelled at for this, but what's wrong with the Republican besides, um, being Republican? Okay, okay, let me defend myself. I'm from Texas. Though not Republican myself, I was raised by Republicans. Some of my best friends are Republicans. They're not all close-minded. There are different gradients of Republicans, and some are not super-conservative or pushy. So if your bored, and he's fun, why not?
...Unless he actually is on the super-conservative, pushy end of the spectrum, and then I agree with everyone else.

Tatiana said...

Thank you, Raised by Republicans in Texas, I completely agree with you. And I hope my readers won't yell at you (yell at me if you must). After all we are all ladies here (despite what Steve Harvey says).

Tina Marina said...

Actually, Anonymous, that's a good point, as my mother is a Republican. Though Tatiana certainly deserves someone perfect in *every* way... Hee.